The Imperial Crowns

The Imperial Crowns © Weltenklang
The Imperial Crowns © Weltenklang
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Ermäßigt: 24 €
Gugg-Card: 23 €


Palmstraße 4
A-5280 Braunau am Inn
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This is what it is!

If you‘re a man

The lmperial Crowns music makes ya wanna git out on the hard streets and preach the Holy Gospel, then armed with a cheap small caliber pistol, rob a liquor store, make it to your best friend‘s house while he‘s away on his job, and make love to his girlfriend.

By the time he drags his weary ass home, his girl, his mama and you are sittin‘ around the kitchen table with a bucket of Popeye‘s. You look up at him without batting an eye and say:
„Have some chicken, bruh“

If you‘re a woman

The Imperial Crowns music makes ya wanna walk back into that office you been bustin‘ your ass in for the last nine and a half hours, and tell the boss‘s son who gave you that „relaxing neck rub,“ „If ya put your fuckin‘ hands on me one more time, I‘ll kick your narrow ass all the way to Cleveland and back“, then jump in your car, drive to Tijuana and have your interior tuck n‘ rolled, pull up to your boyfriend‘s pad Sunday morning, honk the horn ‚til he comes out and tell him:
„We‘re havin‘ church in the car, baby“

Hunger auf Kunst

Im Rahmen der Aktion „Hunger auf Kunst” freier Eintritt mit Kulturpass (nach Verfügbarkeit) Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur


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